Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chew Vol. 11: The Last Suppers [2016] #51-55 and Chew | Revival Crossover

The story arc begins two years after the 50th issue, Amelia is an author of a novel and Olive Chu has saved the President from the EGG. She is assigned to a partner Genevieve Cardante for the rest of her professional career in the FDA. Tony teams up with Mason Savoy to track down Carlton Cardamon who would be able to read the skywritings. After finding him incapacitated, Tony bites into him and finds out that the skywriting says “We Are Coming.” Mason continues to convince Tony to work with him or there will be consquences.

Mason believes the planet is in danger and billions of lives are more important than just one. He goes to Tony’s apartment and protects Amelia from EGG terrorists and steals her manuscript. Mason reads the manuscript while Tony tracks him down. He finds Mason has killed himself and let a message for Tony to eat him.