Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Agent Carter [2016] Season 2

The second season begins with Agent Carter captures and interrogates Dottie Underwood AKA the Black Widow on the East Coast. Later Carter is sent to Hollywood to investigate a woman who was frozen in ice. She discovers through Jason Wilkes that she was killed by Zero Matter. Later while attempting to steal the Zero Matter from Wilkes, both Wilkes and Whitney Frost aka Madame Masque is exposed to the Zero Matter.

Carter investigates Frost who sends an assassin after her while Wilkes is visible but not tangible. Howard Stark helps Wilkes return to reality while Frost is transforming. Frost wants to set up an atomic bomb to have an access to Zero Matter so she and her husband will have the power to rule the world.

Agent Carter teams up with Dottie and uses her to get a sample from Frost so Wilkes can stabilize himself. Dottie discovers why Carter wanted a sample from Frost who has taken over the secret world council. Dottie is captured by Frost who discovers Wilkes is alive after the incident with the Zero Matter. Frost teams up Wilkes to set off an atomic bomb to absorb the Zero Matter.

Wilkes manages to absorb the Zero Matter until a few episodes later it is absorbed by Whitney Frost. Now Carter and Howard Stark plans on separating Whitney Frost from the Zero Matter and send it back where it came from. They succeed and Carter gets romance after Steve Rogers. 

The season goes back and forth from the past and present to build on the characters however it becomes a distraction rather than supporting story. We discover Carter bailed on her wedding day to join the frontlines after the death of her brother. If the series didn’t have a Marvel banner we would not have had a second season. The drama and humor are very dry in the series as the writers force the characters into unnecessary situations instead of moving the series forward.