Thursday, March 24, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Prequel Comics

The first chapter of Dawn of Justice prequel comic features Batman and sets up Metropolis and Gotham as sister cities separated by a river. Batman has gotten aggressive following the events of the Man of Steel as Lex Luthor watches him from behind the scenes. The perspective of the story comes from arsonists as they team up with Firefly to complete a job. The second chapter features Lois Lane confronting a CEO who is selling Kryptonian technology of the darknet for profit. Lois takes him down and Luthor buys his company. 

The third chapter features Senator Finch evaluating the events of Zod and the consequences of the destruction of Metropolis. They clarify that Superman is not a human being to be trusted because he is Kryptonian. Finch unites the Senate Committee to carry out a study on how Superman effects the world. The fourth chapter features television commentators discussing Superman saving the lives on passengers on a runaway train as well as discussing when he may interfere with Earth’s problems.

The fourth chapter focuses on Lex Luthor who is rebuilding his skyscraper in Metropolis while other companies including Kord Industries expand in the city. Luthor expresses his concerns about Superman and secretly is studying Kryptonian DNA using the body of Zod. These chapters set up the characters in the upcoming film and building up the eventual confrontation between the Dark Knight, Man of Steel, and the manipulating Lex Luthor.

The special Doritos issue follows the events of Man of Steel, Superman is declared a hero who worked with the US Military against his own people. A statue is built to honor Superman and accepted as one of them. Batman wants to be ready when things go wrong. 

Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice: Playground Heroes
A field trip begins at Star Labs where a teleporter brings aliens to Earth. Superman takes on the aliens and a boy stands up for his neighbor against bullies.

Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice: Field Trip
During a field trip to Wayne Enterprises where they showcase testing Kryptonian weapons, one of the students discovers a theft in progress. She alerts the authorities but her phone is jammed and meets Bruce Wayne. They plan to get to safety but are trapped by the thieves who use them as hostages. The thieves attempt to escape however they encounter Superman. 

Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice: Picture Proof
Batman is known as an urban legend in Gotham and a criminal to law enforcement. He carries a device that scrambles all phones. A girl manages to snap a picture however does not show it to her friends. Batman visits her to let her know he trusts her. The girl realizes that criminals will believe Batman to be a ghost, a shadow, a legend in Gotham instead of a human who can be killed. 

Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice: Lights Out
Kids having a sleep over compare who is better Batman or Superman. The only way to find out who is better is them to fight. However a girl interrupts and states that both Batman and Superman will work as a team and Wonder Woman is better than both of them.