Friday, March 18, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Netflix Daredevil [2016] Season 2

The second season begins with Daredevil confronting Frank Castle AKA the Punisher on the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen. The Punisher is targeting gangs who are responsible for the death of his family. Karen Page and Foggy Nelson are attempting to link the murders to the District Attorney’s office. Frank pleads “Not Guilty” and a trial is held while Matt Murdock teams up with Elektra to take down the Yakuza. Stick comes back and reveals Elektra works for him since Matt first met her in college.

Frank is taken to jail where he is confronted by the Kingpin who reveals the Blacksmith is behind the death of his family. The Kingpin frees Frank from prison to seek the Blacksmith. Karen Page tracks down Frank’s commanding officer who reveals himself as the Blacksmith. The District Attorney created a sting to trap the Blacksmith however Frank’s family was killed in the crossfire. Frank gets his revenge on the Blacksmith and uses his armory to become the Punisher.

The Hand is introduced and led by Nobu who supposedly died and is not resurrected this season. They are seeking the Black Sky who is Elektra. Nobu and the Hand fight against Elektra and Daredevil which ends with Elektra being killed and Stick beheading Nobu. Season 2 ended with Matt revealing his identity to Karen, Elektra is resurrected, and the Kingpin is investigating Matt and his ties to Daredevil.

This was an explosive season giving us both the origin of the Punisher and Elektra as well as expanding on the events of season one. Season three will most likely bring the Born Again storyline which leads with the Kingpin discovering Matt’s identity and the introduction of Bullseye.