Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Captain America: Sam Wilson Vol.1 [2016] Nick Spencer

Captain America: Sam Wilson begins with him divorcing from SHIELD and the US Government and setting up a hotline to help ordinary American citizens. One of those requests includes the terrorist organization the Sons of Serpent. Wilson teams up with Misty Knight and D-Man however runs into financial situations which leaves him traveling cross country in coach. Captain America arrives to deal with the Sons of Serpent until SHIELD and Commander Steve Rogers arrives and orders Wilson to stand down. Writer Nick Spencer brings fun and complications to Captain America by reflecting on the issues of today. This is not like past Captain America books after Ed Brubaker where he fought a defined enemy. Now Wilson deals with a decaying government system on his own with the support of a divided country. 

Captain America: Sam Wilson #3 Sam Wilson discovers the Sons of Serpent was a front for the illegal genetic experiments of Doctor Karl Maus. Sam is captured and turned into a werewolf and took Red Wing. He tracks him down and finds Red Wing’s genetic make-up transformed Joaquin Torres into the new Falcon. We discover who is funding Maus’ experiments and it is a cosmetic company which hired Serpent Solutions to take care of their problems. 

Captain America: Sam Wilson #4 Sam Wilson asks for help from Doctor Claire Temple concerning Joaquin Torres. Later he asks for help from Diamondback to deal with the Serpent Solutions who are doing the dirty work for corporations. They are both targeted by Serpent Solutions and Sam Wilson as Wolf-Cap gets the better of them before being betrayed by Diamondback. Wolf-Cap wakes up at the headquarters of Serpent Solutions. 

Captain America: Sam Wilson #5 We find out how Diamondback joined the Serpent Solutions after her time in the Serpent Society. Wolf-Cap is thrown out window as the new Falcon Joaquin Torres is alerted by Redwing to save him. Falcon catches Wolf-Cap as he finds himself surrounded by Serpent Solutions. 

Captain America: Sam Wilson #6 The Falcon takes on the Serpent Solutions with the help of Misty Knight, Diamondback, and D-Man. Wolf-Cap brings down Serpent Solutions clients while the new Falcon gets his new uniform. The first arc sets up the supporting cast which includes the new Falcon. This is one of the most dense and entertaining story arcs I have read from Marvel after 2004 and its all thanks to writer Nick Spencer.