Thursday, March 31, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Captain America: Sam Wilson #7 [2016]

The issue celebrates the 75th anniversary as well as the midpoint to the Avengers Standoff event which sees Steve Rogers return as Captain America. It brings the past, present and future of the Sentinel of Liberty and sets up the upcoming Captain America: Steve Rogers series in May. 

Sam Wilson arrives in Pleasant Hill and teams up with the Winter Soldier to rescue Commander Rogers and Maria Hill. Baron Zemo releases Commander Rogers so he can help Maria Hill get medical attention accompanied by Father Patrick who happens to be the Red Skull. Rogers searches for Kobik and is confronted by Crossbones who gives Steve a beating until Kobik restores him back to his young self.

The book is an 80 page giant costing six bucks and celebrates the 75th anniversary of Captain America. We also get stories from Joss Whedon, Tim Sale, and Greg Rucka detailing who is Steve Rogers and what does he mean. Overall this is a terrific book but the cost outweighs the story.