Thursday, March 31, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Daredevil: Back in Black – Chinatown [2016]

Eight months following Secret Wars, Matt Murdock is back in New York as a prosecutor with his secret identity intact. In the previous All-New, All-Different Point One, we are introduced to Samuel Chung who developed an invisibility suit and goes by Blindspot. The first issue of the new Daredevil series begins with Matt teaming up with Sam to save a witness testifying against Ten Fingers. Later we discover Samuel is part of the Church of the Ten Fingers and he is ordered to kill Matt. Writer Charles Soule is a real life attorney and I’m looking forward to him developing real cases for Matt to argue. Overall this is another great Post-Secret Wars issue along with Totally Awesome Hulk which is both released the same week.

Matt Murdock wants to use his witness Billy Li to take down the Church of Tenfingers. Sammie Chung who works for Tenfingers is sent to take down Billy Li and Matt Murdock. He succeeds in ruining Matt Murdock’s case against Tenfingers. Matt Murdock is assigned to Night Court for losing the indictment against Tenfingers. Later Daredevil discovers Tenfingers stole his powers from the Hand and they want it back.

The Hand sends a creature called the Fist against Tenfingers. Daredevil destroys the Fist and finds Tenfingers strapped on the wall dead. Overall the first story arc introduces Tenfingers and Matt Murdock’s new status quo in New York City. The final issue seemed a bit rush as it ended the first arc. The Fist is killed as well as Tenfingers within a few pages during the end of issue five.