Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Devil Comics Review | The Mighty Thor: Thunder in Her Veins [2016] Jason Aaron

The first issue of Thor begins after we discover the identity of the new Thor is Doctor Jane Foster who is suffering from terminal cancer. Every time she turns into Thor, the transformation neutralizes the effects of the chemotherapy and purges it from her body but not the cancer which is killing her. Now she confronts a war between the light and dark elves which could eventually lead to the war of the realms.

On Asgardia the Congress of Worlds convene to discuss the death of the light elves however like all democratic systems it fails to reach a resolution. Jane visits the All-Mother who is imprisoned and we discover Odinson does not want to be found. Thor attempts to use the Rainbow Bridge but she is quickly detained by Cul who plans to arrest her. In the Yawning Void, Malekith convenes the Dark Council to discuss the murder of the light elves and the involvement of Thor. Malekith has a solution in the form of Loki who wants to join the Dark Council in exchange for murdering Thor.

The first issue of the new Thor is incredible as it lays out a long-term plan including a war of the realms and how the politics of Congress of Worlds and the Dark Council play against one another. Jason Aaron has built his legacy as one of the top Thor writers following Walt Simonson. Odinson is missing however we have a clue following the Secret Wars tie-in Thors on how he will become worthy. At the end of Thors, the Ultimate Thor’s hammer falls on Old Asgard and lays there until someone worthy picks it up.

Loki confronts his father who tricks him into confronting his best Frost Giants while Thor takes on the Thunder Guard. Thor is saved by Heimdall who transports her to Alfheim where Roxxon tanks and the Dark Elves are destroying the Light Elves. Loki who wants to join the Dark Council proves himself to his father by taking down his greatest warriors. Malekith will be the king of all elves so he marches to the Light Elf capital as Thor stands guard.

Loki confronts Thor as Malekith bombs the capital of the Light Elves. The capital is saved by Thor and Malekith using the Enchantress manipulates the Queen of the Light Elves to marry him. Back on Asgardia, Odin holds a trial for the All-Mother Freyja for treason which Thor interrupts by battling the All-Father.

Malekith marries the queen of the Light Elves and throws her into a cell as he claims the Realm of Alfheim. The All-Mother reveals Loki is a spy on Malekith’s Dark Council as Cul and his Thunder Guard storm the throne room. However Loki betrays and kills the All-Mother which stops the Civil War in Asgard. Elsewhere Odinson is imprisoned on Asgard with the Ultimate Thor Hammer lying on the ground. The conclusion of Secret Wars Thors series pays off at the end of the issue as it paves the return of the original Thor just in time for his movie next year. Overall a great first arc as the series most likely will end with the twenty-fifth issue which will be the same time as Thor: Ragnarok.