Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha #1 [2016]

What we know so far is that both Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers will team up to save Bucky however it will not be enough and it will be time for the Avengers to assemble. The finale will see Steve Rogers back as Captain America with a new shield for his Free Comic Day debut as well as a new first issue in May. We will also see the former Captain America Bucky Barnes leading the new Thunderbolts.

We discover the Winter Soldier has been attacking SHIELD outposts and has stolen files and wiped the servers. Steve tracks down Bucky who reveals Maria Hill has been keeping secrets. Meanwhile Sam Wilson finally meets the Whisperer who is really Rick Jones. They both reveal Maria Hill has been using the Cosmic Cube for an unknown purpose. Rogers is taken to Pleasant Hill where he discovers Maria used the Cosmic Cube fragments to change criminals into law abiding citizens. Rogers wants to destroy the fragments however he discovers the fragments merged into a child Kobik. The child transforms terrorists for Hill’s Guantanamo Bay. However everything goes to hell as the criminals transform themselves back and attack Pleasant Hill from within.

The story grew organically and sets up the rest of the tie-in books. The only complaint is the pricing. Overall there are 16 books total costing $69 over a two month period. A steep price for those who can afford the monthly books. The upcoming hardcover edition will run you $35 which is half the cost of the monthly books. Regardless Marvel stories are getting better now they need to work on the pricing.