Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Mockingbird [2016] I Can Explain

Hype In 2015 Marvel celebrated the 50th anniversary of Shield by releasing several one shots last September. One of these one shots included the Mockingbird by Chelsea Cain who is currently writing the new series. The one shot was a beautiful book and the upcoming series has potential to be something new and fresh. The new series begins with the Mockingbird investigating a mystery with Shield’s own medical and recovery network.

Rehash Barbara Morse undergoes medical tests due her exposure to both the Super-Soldier Serum and the Infinity Formula. One of her tests shows she can move a ping pong ball with her mind. Five days later she made the ping pong ball disappear. One week later she does the same but this time she discovers she doesn’t have powers but symptoms.

One month ago Bobbi rescues Lance Hunter from the Hellfire Club who were attempting to assassinate the Queen of England. Two weeks ago she saves a group of girls from a 12 year-old who has onset powers. One week ago in Kazakhstan finds a pathogen that is killing animals which is also in her system. She travels to an underwater base to find Clint Burton who is held captive by Total Idea Mechanics. Bobbi rescues him and head towards the doctor’s appointment in the first issue.

Mockingbird is battle zombies which were infected with a virus from Bobbi’s the Super-Soldier Serum and the Infinity Formula blood. Now she can somehow manipulate them and needs to get to the R&D lab to get the anti-virus with the help of Miles Morales Spider-Man and Howard the Duck. They find the anti-virus and Bobbi destroys it.

Feedback The issue ends rather abruptly and writer Chelsea Cain explains the first issue is not supposed to make any sense until the reader continues finishing the five issue story arc. This was a smart move on the writer to reveal she understands how the reader thinks. She respects her audience and realizes we are smart enough to be engaged with. Other writers would have left the issue without any engagement. The first issue was a risk worth taking however the overall arc didn't amount to much in explanation. The last issues didn’t really add up to anything and there is no explanation. I really thought this would be a great series but it is a let down. 


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