Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Devil Comics Review | The Astonishing Ant-Man [2016] Small-Time Criminal

Last time we saw Scott Lang give the Giant-Man suit to Raz Malhotra who will inherit the title while dealing with Darren Cross and the Hench app. After the death of Hank Pym having merged with Ultron in Rage of Ultron, Scott inherits his state-of-the-art lab. Scott heads to San Francisco after Raz as Giant-Man destroyed the Golden Gate Bridge. Scott invites him to work in his lab in exchange for lessons in becoming a superhero. Elsewhere Power Broker brings Hench 2.0 app to the market by bringing Hench X where anyone can be a super-villain. Now Scott's daughter Cassie Lang joins up on Hench X.

Cassie gets grounded from school and meets up with Hawkeye from the Young Avengers who is taking down the Secret Empire. The Power Broker reveals to Cassie Darren Cross stole her heart filled with Pym Particles. Now Cassie wants revenge and the Power Broker wants his intellectual property back from Cross. The Power Broker gives Cassie her powers and she becomes Stinger. 

Scott is protecting his former girlfriend from FF Darla Deering until she discovers Cassie is missing and finds the Hench card in her bedroom. Ant-Man goes to a Hench X event where the new Plantman debuts. Scott discovers Power Broker did not kidnap Cassie but she is working for him. Cassie has already broken to Cross Technological but to save her Scott needs to recruit a team with the Hench X app. He hires Whirlwind, Voice, Hijacker, Magician, and the Beetle to rescue Cassie who is caught by Darren Cross. 

The new Giant-Man and Ms. Thing Darla Deering helps Scott out along with the villains hired from the Hench app. The villains help distract Cross Technological and steal their tech while Scott rescues his daughter Cassie but he gets caught by Cross. Ms. Thing, Machinesmith, Giant-Man, Grizzy, and Stinger rescue Ant-Man. Darla Deering is apart of a reality show where drones are following her and Ant-Man 24/7. This leads the cops to arrest Ant-Man for theft while Darla's part is edited by her producer. Writer Nick Spencer really pulls through with this arc by connecting the stories together from the previous Ant-Man series. The comes together and sets up the last and final arc of the series. 


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