Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Star-Lord: Year One [2016] Sam Humphries | Javier Garron

The first issue of Star-Lord begins when he is ten years-old and witness aliens who murdered his mother. Now eighteen years-old, Peter Quill is determined to fly off into space to find the ship that killed his mother by becoming a mechanic at the NASA Ops Launch Facility where they are planning to colonize another planet. After an altercation with a NASA astronaut, Peter is discharged from the program so he steals a Kree Warbird and manages to activate the warp drive. However he pushes the ship too far and is lost in space as Yondu and the Ravagers close in. The Year One approach works as it sets the foundation for what comes next. Writer Sam Humphries brings Star-Lord: Year One by going back to what we loved about the Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Yondu and the Ravangers discover Peter’s ship and board it. Peter escapes and pushes his ship out of the airlock trapping the pirates inside. Yondu gets back on his ship and traps Peter. Back on Earth, Asterion One is launched into space as Peter is accepted as part of Yondu’s crew as a janitor.

Yondu takes Peter planet side for a job and his success leads him into becoming a space pirate. Peter is searching for the Badoon spaceship which killed his mother and Yondu offers him its location in exchange for helping him steal the Asterion One.

The Ravagers take control of Asterion One with the help of Peter and the crew discovers he is one of the hijackers. Peter confronts her Aunt who raised him and asks her to join him to search for the ship which killed his mother. His aunt refused and returned to Asterion One as Peter runs away. Peter boards the Ravanger’s ship and dumps Yondu’s loot. He traps the Ravangers aboard their ship and escapes with the crew of the Asterion One. The first arc gave us the perfect Star-Lord introduction.