Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Star Wars: Kanan – First Blood [2016] Greg Weisman

Master Billaba awakens from her coma after she led a battalion against General Grievous and suffered massive losses. Billaba confides in Caleb about commanding again until someone attacks the Jedi Temple. A Captain of the Confederacy of Independent Systems is attacking the Jedi Temple and Billaba and Caleb stop him. Master Billaba asks Caleb to be her Padawan and they join up with survivors of her old battalion Commander Grey and Captain Styles the same soldiers who betrayed them during Order 66. 

Now Master Billaba and Padawan Dume embark on their first mission which they succeed and draws the attention of General Grievous. During their next mission Billaba faces General Grievous however he escapes and now their final mission leads them to Kaller. In the present Kanan and Ezra go on a rescue mission to save an old friend from the Empire.