Saturday, May 7, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Marvel Comics FCBD: Civil War II #1 [2016]

Civil War II celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the original event as well as the new Captain America film. The main conflict will be between Captain Marvel and Iron Man as they debate over an Inhuman who can forecast the future. Writer Brian Michael Bendis previous events includes House of M and Secret Invasion which both brought payoffs during their final issues.

The issue begins when the Inhumans arrive at the headquarters of the Ultimates where we are introduced to Ulysses who can predict the future. Ulysses can see the future as well as experience it which could distort his visions. He predicts Thanos arriving and searching for the Cosmic Cube. Both A-Force and the Ultimates take him on leading to the She-Hulk taking a missile to the chest from the War Machine while he is being critically injured by Thanos.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed one Marvel Character will kill another later in the series. Civil War II is going to be Marvel’s Minority Report which will make the story interesting or predictable. Since Civil War II will pull other series into the event, it might be time to take a break from Marvel and look at DC Comics Rebirth event this summer.

The second half of the issue introduces us to the new Wasp whose name is Nadia and has an unknown connection to Hank Pym. She is currently inside the Vision for an unknown purpose and the story will continue in Avengers. No clue to her identity is given expect that she is Russian from her internal dialogue.