Saturday, May 7, 2016

Devil Comics Review | FCBD: Captain America #1 [2016]

Following Avengers Standoff, Commander Steve Rogers returns to his youthful self and assumes his role again as Captain America with a new shield. Now Sharon Carter becomes the new liaison for SHIELD and Rick Jones has joined her. Now Hydra is a threat again who is led by the Red Skull.

Captain America raids a Hydra safe house to find their next target in New York City. Sam Wilson and the new Falcon intercept the bomb however another goes off in Brussels at the same time. Captain America asks for a formal declaration of war against Hydra and the adventures continue in the new Steve Rogers Captain America series.

The Captain America story was more of a marketing and lead-in to the new series. It would have been nice if there was a new villain or a new situation introduced to the series instead of the same rehash from before: Captain America versus Hydra. The second half of the book focuses on Spider-Man and the upcoming Dead No More story arc running this fall. The Rhino attacks the Kingpin and Spider-Man interferes and lets him get away. Someone is bringing back the dead including Wilson Fisk’s wife who is killed, the Rhino’s wife, and Gwen Stacy by a mysterious assailant who wears an Egyptian mask. Overall the Marvel FCBD is a market ploy for the Captain America and Spider-Man series.