Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Devil Comics Review | The Flash [2016] Lightning Strikes Twice

2016 is the 60th anniversary of the Flash and it will be celebrated with the debut of a new speedster August Heart. Both August Heart and the Flash will deal with a new villain Black Hole. The issue begins with Barry Allen and Detective August Heart investigating the death of a Star Labs guard. While escorting a Star Labs transport which becomes under attack by Black Hole, Heart is about to be shot until he is struck by the Speed Force. Now both Barry and August investigate Star Labs and the Black Hole terrorist group.

Iris West gets kidnapped by Black Hole and brought to Dr. Craver who works at Star Labs. She is rescued by both Flash and August as another Speed Force storm creates more speedsters. Now Flash and August send criminal speedsters to Iron Heights and discovers Star Labs built a training facility for speedsters. Iris and Wally West discover Black Hole was conducting experiments on the Speed Force while Barry finds out about Godspeed who uses the Speed Force as a weapon. 

Flash discovers Dr. Joseph Carver was a Star Labs scientist experimenting on the Speed Force so he could weaponize it. Flash tracks down Carver and discover him harvesting the Speed Force with his Speed Machine. Carver turns into a black hole and Flash and the other speedsters steel his speed to slow him down.

Meena Dhawan is the fastest woman alive and she takes on Godspeed at Star Labs. The Flash arrives too late and Meena has disappeared completely while leaving her costume behind. The Flash searches for her and discovers August Heart is Godspeed who killed a suspect believing he was responsible for his brother's death and can be at two places at once. Godspeed decides to rid crime beginning with the Black Hole members as well as the prisoners of Iron Heights starting with the Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne. Flash with the help of Kid Flash take down Godspeed and imprison him in Iron Heights. Barry also discovers Meena is alive somewhere inside the Speed Force.  


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