Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Star Wars: Darth Vader [2016] End of Games

Hype The Darth Vader series began in February 2015 and after 25th issues his story comes to an end. The final story arc of Darth Vader wraps up plotlines from the first issue. Inspector Thanoth knows the location of Dr. Aphra who Vader has been secretly working with to find his son Luke Skywalker and was captured during Vader Down. His rival Cylo is exposed as a traitor following the events of Shu-Torun which improved Vader’s standing with the Emperor. 

Rehash The Emperor orders Vader to find and eliminate Cylo while Inspector Thanoth wants Aphra killed so Vader can find Luke and supplant the Emperor. Vader learns the location of Aphra and executes Inspector Thanoth who referred to Vader as Anakin. Vader assigns the task to Triple Zero and BeeTee to find Aphra and bring her back.

Triple Zero and BeeTee hunt their former Master Aphra at a bar and after they attack her she surrenders to be taken back to Vader. Cylo’s whale-ship fleet is tracked by Imperials and before it hits hyperspace Vader boards his ship and faces a Rancor. After defeating the Rancor, Cylo launches his whale-ship to ram the Executor

Vader escapes and takes on Cylo’s soldiers as he attempts to get to the bridge. Aphra takes on Cylo’s soldiers as well who are attempting to get the Emperor. Vader reaches the bridge and confronts Cylo who uses a fail-safe to stop Vader in his tracks. Cylo helped rebuild Vader’s body twenty years ago. Vader escapes and kills Cylo V while his clone Cylo VI escapes with Vader in pursuit. He tracks down Cylo and Vader uses Cylo's whale ship to fly into the sun. Aphra meets with the Emperor and reveals all the secrets Vader kept from the Emperor who is impressed by his actions. Vader throws Aphra out of an airlock and assumes control of the Executor leading to the events of Empire Strikes Back. The back up stories include Aphra surviving being thrown out of the airlock leading to a new series in December 2016.


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