Thursday, May 19, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 [2016] Vandal Savage

The series begins in the future where Vandal Savage taken over the planet. Rip Hunter appeals to the Time Council to save history from Vandal Savage before he destroys it. Since the time capsule has no army, Hunter decides to recruit his own army to join his crusade to stop Savage. Atom, White Canary, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Heatwave, and Captain Cold join Rip Hunter to stop Savage. They board the time travelling ship the Waverider and travel to 1975 while a temporal bounty hunter Chronos arrives in the present hunting Captain Rip Hunter.

In 1975 they discover from an historian that Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Savage were exposed to the same radiation so killing one of them will pass immorality to the other. They discover the historian is the son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Chronos arrives in 1975 and attacks the Waverider as the Legends return to the ship to escape. Hunter reveals that they are not Legends but the opposite and Chronos works for the Time Council. Savage killed Hunter’s wife and child and now he wants him stopped.

The Legends track Savage where he is a seller of a nuclear device which he arms to defeat them. Firestorm absorbs the explosion before the nuclear fallout. During the battle with Savage, the Atom leaves a part of his tech which Savage reverse engineers to destroy Central City in 2016. Martin Stein seeks his 25 year-old self to track down the Alpha particles to Atom’s suit. Elsewhere Captain Cold, Heatwave and the Atom track down the knife that originally killed Hawkman and Hawkgirl leading them to Savage. The Legends confront and fight Savage as Hawkman dies while Hawkgirl is injured. 

Hunter and Canary decide to take Savage’s wealth which leads them to Savage and the body of Hawkman. While killing Savage in 1975, Hunter reveals the names of his son and wife to him thereby leading to their deaths in the future. Now the Legends travel to 1986 to find Savage working with Russia to build a Soviet Firestorm. After they stop the Soviets from building their Firestorm, the Legends head back into the timestream however they encounter Chronos who knocks them off course and crash land in Star City 2046.

The Legends encounter the future Green Arrow John Diggle Jr. AKA Conner Hawke where he has been fighting caused by Deathstroke’s son Grant Wilson. Fifteen years has passed since Deathstroke’s Uprising and Oliver Queen is a recluse who has lost an arm. After Conner Hawke is captured by Deathstroke’s men, Oliver Queen returns and takes on Deathstroke as the Legends arrive for support. Now Oliver Queen and Conner Hawke work together to restore Star City while the Legends head back to the timestream to stop Savage.

The Legends heads into deep space to save the time ship the Acheron and Rip Hunter wants to access their ship for the location of Savage. However they encounter Time Bandits who wants to surrender the Waverider. Heatwave betrays the time however they manage to fight off the Time Bandits and rescue both the Waverider and the Acheron. Captain Cold decides to take care of Heatwave in his own way.

The Legends arrive in the 1950s where Savage is experimenting on creating hawk creatures using the same meteorite that gave him his powers. Savage was building his army and turns Jax Jefferson into one. The Legends stop Savage and change Jax back as Chronos arrives. The Waverider escapes leaving Hawkgirl, White Canary, and the Atom behind in the 1950s.

Chronos is revealed to be Heatwave who was taken by the Time Masters to Vanishing Point to be trained. The Legends take down Chronos and rescue Hawkgirl, White Canary, and the Atom from the 1950s. They head towards the Old West as it is a blindspot for the Time Masters. The Legends encounter Jonah Hex and the Time Masters send the Pilgrim after the Legends. The Pilgrim hunts the younger versions of the Legends so she can erase them from the timeline. The Legends defeated the Pilgrim by using the younger version of Rip Hunter as bait and destroyed her before moving on to find Savage. The Legends finally capture Savage to bring him to Vanishing Point to face his crimes of time travelling however he is immediately released and sent to 2166 to murder Hunter’s family. 

In the far future the Thanagarians arrive on Earth and laid waste to it as well as Vanishing Point. The Time Masters realize Vandal Savage united the world and save it from them. They engineered the death of Hunter's family by Vandal Savage to give Hunter the motivation to stop Savage throughout time. However due to Hunter's interference, Savage grew stronger quicker and prepared to defend the world from the Thanagarians. Realizing Savage was being aided by the Time Masters, the Legends decides to destroy Oculus which gives the Time Masters the map throughout time. Now the Time Masters have cut ties with Savage as the Legends are free to choose their own destiny. 

Savage is going to use the blood of both Hawkman and Hawkgirl on the Thanagarian meteors in three different time periods to set a time quake to return to the past. The Legends discover that using their blood on the meteor will render Savage mortal. The Legends use this chance to kill Savage in three different time periods and to render the meteors inert. They manage to kill Savage in all three time periods however only stopped two of the meteors from exploding. Rip Hunter takes the last meteor into the sun with the Waverider. Now with the Time Masters gone Hunter and his Legends are set to protect the timeline. As the finale ends another new threat emerges as another Waverider crashes on Earth and Rex Tyler AKA Hourman of the Justice Society of America reveals the Legends are gone in his timeline.