Thursday, May 19, 2016

Devil Comics Review | X-Men: Apocalypse [2016]

Hype Following Captain America: Civil War, Fox Studios believed releasing X-Men: Apocalypse during the same month was a great idea to capture the momentum of Marvel Studios. Apparently, the upcoming movie is filled with special effects and rehashes of past X-Men films including the constant Xavier and Magneto conflict, the addition of Wolverine where most of his actions are off scene, and a final battle sequence that doesn’t justify watching the film. Civil War set a new bar for Marvel characters. Sony fell in line by giving creative control back to Marvel Studios. Now Fox needs to do the same with their Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises. Their Deadpool film only worked because Fox Studios gave it a low budget and would have had a return on its investment from the international markets. If they really believed in Deadpool then it would have not taken it so long for it to get made. It was made after the test footage was leaked and it received a positive response.

Rehash In ancient Egypt, En Sabah Nur is buried alive by his worshippers and his Four Horsemen who preserve and die protecting him. In 1983 Scott Summers discovers his powers and is taken to the school with his older brother Alex/Havok. Elsewhere Raven/Mystique discovers Angel and Nightcrawler in an underground mutant fightclub where they are forced to fight. Raven breaks them free and Erik/Magneto lives a quiet life as a coal miner. Back in Egypt, Moira MacTaggert discovers worshippers who have begun resurrecting En Sabah Nur. Now the rise of En Sabah Nur gives Jean Grey and Xavier visions of dark times ahead.

Eric uses his powers to save someone at work which exposes his identity sending the authorities. As her father Eric is taken away, her daughter uses her powers which gets her and her mother killed. Eric gets his revenge and becomes Magneto again. En Sabah Nur walks the streets of Egypt and discovers the weather wizard Ororo Monroe who becomes his first Horsemen. Xavier meets Moira MacTaggert to discover the coming of Apocalypse the first mutant. 

Raven finds Caliban to get Nightcrawler and Angel to safety. It is here where we meet Caliban's enforcer Psylocke. Raven discovers the whereabouts of Eric and takes Nightcrawler to find him. Storm and Apocalypse arrive to meet with Caliban to find the strongest mutants. Apocalypse makes Psylocke into another Horsemen as well as Angel who becomes Archangel. Together they find Magneto who becomes the final Horsemen. 

Xavier connects with Erik which brings Apocalypse to hijack Cerebro and connect with mutants worldwide. Apocalypse releases nuclear missiles all around the world to free humans of their weapons before visiting the Xavier school with his Horsemen. They kidnap Xavier and Havok tries to stop him however unleashes an underground explosion destroying the school. With the arrival of Quicksilver, the students are rescued from the exploding school. Scott discovers he lost his brother in the explosion. 

William Stryker arrives and kidnaps Mystique, Hank McCoy, Peter Maximoff, and Moira believing Xavier was responsible for the attack created by Apocalypse. They are taken to the Weapon X facility while Nightcrawler, Scott, and Jean Grey attempt to break them out however release Weapon X/Wolverine. Jean Grey helps Wolverine calm down and releases him into the wild.  Scott breaks out the prisoners out and head out to find Xavier.  

Xavier wakes up in Egypt with Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen. Apocalypse uses Xavier to send a message to the world that he has arrived and will restore a new order to the world. He plans to destroy the world and to find out who survives the chaos. Apocalypse plans to transfer his mind into Xavier to become the most powerful mutant in the world and control its citizens. The X-Men take on the Horsemen while Apocalypse plans to kill Raven and Quicksilver. Xavier takes on Apocalypse in his head until Magneto changes sides and joins the X-Men. Now the final battle takes place between reality and the mental plane. Jean Grey unleashes her powers weakening Apocalypse as the X-Men and the Horsemen destroy him. 

Feedback Many bad reviews have been written before the movie hit theaters. X-Men: Apocalypse has strong ties to previous X-Men films by building on what has gone before. The first hour is like Lord of the Rings with lots of walking and talking. The movie does not feel like a Bryan Singer film with depth characters and all-out action. This is definitely the weakest of the of the second X-Men trilogy. The Blob, Scarlet Witch, Jubilee, Mr. Sinister, and Caliban all have cameos in the film which neither adds anything to the film except for comic eye candy. The movie is paving the way to X-Men: Onslaught where Xavier has a piece of Apocalypse within him and together they become Onslaught.