Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Devil Comics Review | The Walking Dead [2016] Call to Arms

Rick Grimes and Dwight prepare an army for Alexandria to take on the Whispers as Maggie leads the Hilltop and Michonne takes the Kingdom. Meanwhile Eugene Porter uses a CB radio to call out and finally gets an answer. Previously Rick killed Brandon’s father who tried to kill him and now he makes a deal with Negan to let him out in exchange for killing Rick.

Negan and Brandon head towards the Whisper’s border where he kills Brandon as Michonne and Aaron follows behind. Negan meets the Whispers and is taken to Alpha while Michonne and Aaron are confronted by Beta who stabs him. Dwight and his team arrive to save Michonne and war has been declared. Negan learns how to become a Whisper and gets closer to Alpha. Once he has learned everything Negan murders Alpha by cutting off her head. 


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