Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Wolverine: Old Man Logan [2016] Bordertown

Logan accepts his place in the present on the X-Men who is led by Storm. He heads up north to find his wife Maureen as a child from the other timeline. Logan wants to prevent the tragedy that will happen to her as Deathstrike and her Reavers arrive and hold the town hostage. Logan takes Deathstrike and the Reavers down and decides to leave Maureen in peace. Now he is dedicated to hunting his enemies down before they hunt him. Logan becomes more isolated while Jean Grey takes him on the journey from New York where Daredevil and the Punisher fell to Pym Falls where Giant Man and the Wasp were defeated. Jean Grey finally takes Logan to Madripoor to meet his friends Jubilee, Punk, Clint Barton, and Steve Rogers. Currently at the eighth issue we see Logan settling into his own world while worrying about the past. Now hopefully we can move past that and into new adventures with the new upcoming are The Last Ronin


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