Thursday, April 14, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Wonder Woman Earth One Vol.1 HC [2016]

Grant Morrison brings us the Earth One Wonder Woman following her film debut in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Previous we have had Superman, Batman, and Teen Titans Earth One books with various successes. According to the solicitations, Wonder Woman takes pilot Steve Trevor who crashed on Paradise Island back to Man’s World while defying the laws of the Amazons and her mother. 

The book begins 3000 years ago as the Queen of the Amazons asks Aphrodite for her help against Hercules who has imprisoned her people. She leads a revolt against Hercules and the Spartans while freeing her people from the world of man. Flash forward to the present, Princess Diana is on trial for consorting with man’s world. She is bound by the lasso of truth and Diana’s story begins.

An injured Steve Trevor arrives on Paradise Island and Diana tries to heal him however it does not have any affected. Diana decides to enter the games where someone will be crowned Wonder Woman of the Amazons to win the Swan Plane to return Steve back to man’s world. Diana is forbidden to enter into the games due to her unfair advantage over other Amazons. However she enters the game by wearing the guise of Hercules to bait the Amazons into fighting her. Diana wins her new title as Wonder Woman and her Swan Plane to take Steve back home. Writer Grant Morrison is responsible for the most memorable stories within the DC Universe. This book is no different with the beautiful art and story.