Thursday, April 14, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Silver Surfer #3 [2016] Dan Slott | 50th Anniversary Issue

The issue celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Silver Surfer hinting at a major turning point in the life of Norrin Radd. The last time writer Dan Slott promised this was in Spider-Man #700 where Doctor Octopus assumed the role to become the Superior Spider-Man. Now we will see what he will do with the Silver Surfer.

The Earth is being converted to Zenn-La culture by the Keep of Truth Shalla Bal, the Silver Surfer’s first love. She wants peace throughout the cosmos so she is reshaping worlds into Zenn-La. Shalla Bal took the Thing as her herald and she has him battle the Silver Surfer. The Avengers arrives however Shalla Bal manages to control them as the Silver Surfer makes one last effort to save Earth. The Silver Surfer destroys the Illuminatrix and along with it the Zenn-La culture across all worlds leaving him dead.

This would have been wonderful if this was the final issue of the Silver Surfer however we have the next issue and the 200th issue coming up. Whether we will get an all new Silver Surfer remains to be seen but writer Dan Slott pulled it off to give all a very Doctor Whoish series. The solicitations for the next issues leading toward the 200th issue give little hints about the fate of the Silver Surfer except that Dawn Greenwood may become the next Silver Surfer.