Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Devil Comics Review: Justice League #50 [2016] The Darkseid War

Act two of Darkseid War begins after the death of Darkseid and the Justice League rises as New Gods. The Flash is the God of Death, Superman is the God of Strength, Batman is the God of Knowledge, Shazam is the God of Gods, and Lex Luthor is the God of Apokolips. Now Big Barda arrives to assist her husband Mister Miracle and Steve Trevor so they can get answers concerning the Anti-Monitor from the Crime Syndicate who are currently imprisoned in Belle Reve. Meanwhile the Anti-Life Equation left the Anti-Monitor and sought Grail who becomes the Goddess of Anti-Life. The Justice League unites to stop Grail as Power Ring Jessica Cruz dies while the child of Superwoman becomes the new Darkseid.

Hal Jordan gives his ring to Batman who is stuck in the Mobius chair. Batman is freed from the Mobius chair as Owlman takes his place and disappears. The Justice League stops the new Darkseid and Jessica Cruz becomes a Green Lantern. Back at the Batcave, Batman tells Green Lantern the Mobius chair revealed that there were three Jokers. We also discover Owlman is taught how to use the Mobius chair from Metron. Owlman asks for the secrets of the universe and they both are killed by an unknown entity. The Darkseid War is the basically the sequel to Forever Evil where we finally see the being who destroyed Earth-3 as well as a prelude to DC Universe: Rebirth where we discover the entity responsible for the disappearance of Owlman and Metron.


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