Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Superman [2015] Lois and Clark

Following Convergence, the Post-Crisis Superman and Lois Lane now dubbed the Last Son of Krypton and the Last Daughter of Earth are brought to the New 52 Universe where everything is old is new again. Lois is investigating Intergang while Clark rescues the Excalibur the shuttle that is carrying Hank Henshaw. Lois and Jonathan Kent are targeted by Intergang due to her investigations and Clark saves them. Henshaw wakes up however he is controlled by Blanque but Clark defeats him with the help from Henshaw who used the Oblivion Stone. In the distant star system, someone is searching for the Oblivion Stone which was taken and headed to the Sol System where Planet Earth resides in. 

Intergang has tracked down Lois and Jonathan to burn them alive. Jonathan rescues them and Lois discovers his powers are manifesting. Clark arrives and explains to his son where they came from and why. Meanwhile the person searching for the Oblivion Stone has arrived and found Hank Henshaw who has the first half of the stone while the other is at Clark’s Fortress. The series is a prelude to Superman Rebirth where Clark replaces the New 52 Superman who perished in The Final Days of Superman