Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Batman: The Dark Knight Returns [2016] The Last Crusade

The one shot special focuses on the events prior to The Dark Knight Returns where we finally see the events that led to Bruce Wayne retiring as Batman. The issue begins with the Joker taken back to Arkham Asylum and the media blames Batman for child endangerment. Bruce trains Jason Todd at Wayne Manor as news comes in that his friend committed suicide. Batman and Robin head out to find the Joker Gang. They catch up to them and Robin does a number on one of the gang members which concerns Batman.

Afterwards Batman and Robin investigate a series of Gotham’s wealthiest citizens committing various acts including suicide and taking their wives hostages. He discovers a link which leads them to a company called Greenvain where Batman deals with Killer Croc and gets banged up. Meanwhile the Joker escapes as Batman and Robin deal with Poison Ivy and Killer Croc. After Batman and Robin deals with him, Robin goes after the Joker alone after realizing Batman may not be up to it. The death of Jason Todd leads to Batman retiring until the events of the Dark Knight Returns. The issue ends abruptly giving the readers the power to link up the Last Crusade and the Dark Knight Returns.


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