Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Scarlet Book 2 [2016]

Following the attack at her previous rally, Scarlet Rue takes over a television station to broadcast her next rally. While all law enforcements head towards the rally, Scarlet heads towards the Portland mayor’s office and she broadcasts her conversation with the mayor. However the mayor is uncooperative and he gets shot by one of Scarlet’s associates. While escaping she has a gun to her head by Federal Agent Angela Going.  Scarlet is taken to jail where she is beaten by the cops and questioned by Agent Going. She is escorted out of the police station by the Feds however they are ambushed by rogue cops who are taken down by Scarlet’s friends. Now both Scarlet and Agent Going are going to end it by posting a video of Agent Going revealing how the corrupt cops attempted to murder them. Chaos erupts as the crowd supporting Scarlet take on the police and the system. In the ensuring fight Agent Going is killed and Scarlet pushes forward to retake her city. 


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