Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Black Widow [2016] SHIELD's Most Wanted

The Black Widow has stolen top-secret data from SHIELD and left their agents baffled and battered. One week prior Widow saves Agent Maria Hill from an ambush at a funeral. However the ambush was for the Widow and she is taken to the Weeping Lion. He hands her files to blackmail her into obtaining something from a SHIELD Helicarrier. Afterwards Widow gets a message from the Lion to head to Russia where she is stabbed by a child assassin.

Widow tracks down the Dark Room where she confronts her former teacher and classmate Anya who is a new Black Widow. She recovers the files from the Dark Room and contacts the Lion for the transfer as SHIELD agents closes in. Widow and the SHIELD Agent team up to get away from the Lion's men however they fail and are cornered. She surrenders the files to Lion's men as the SHIELD Agent makes the ultimate sacrifice and destroys the files. Now the Weeping Lion plans on making the Widow's secret public. 


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