Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Squadron Supreme [2016] Civil War II

The Squadron Supreme killed Namor and destroyed Atlantis after he destroyed Doctor’s Spectrum’s world during the Incursions in Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run. Black Bolt rescued her from the Incursions and brought her to this Earth. Nighthawk discovers the various alien races are working together for an unknown purpose. He sends Doctor Spectrum to return with the data the Badoon has under the sea. Spectrum meets Toro the original Human Torch who is an Inhuman sent on a mission to retrieve experiments done on his people. Spectrum discovers he is not alone as Black Blot is there with him. The alien races working together are the Myriad and Black Bolt destroys their headquarters and invites Spectrum to Attilan for answers and why he saved her. Spectrum discovers she was an Inhuman on her Earth and the prism influence Black Bolt to save her. 

Nighthawk Raymond Kane is confronted by Kyle Richmond who is the original Nighthawk of this Earth. However Nighthawk discovers Kyle Richmond is a Skrull and the Myriad knows about the Squadron Supreme because the Warrior Woman betrayed them. Warrior Woman is using the same energy frequency the Eye of Xot Doctor Druid used to enslave Weirdworld to enslave the Myriad. We learn Warrior Woman murdered the Squadron Sinister on her world. She entered a portal to escape the destruction of her world only to encounter another survivor of another Earth Power Princess. Warrior Woman uses Ulysses to discover her future only to find Namor was her partner. She also discovers Power Princess who she thought was dead is coming back. On Earth Power Princess begins her journey to find the Squadron Supreme.


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