Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Captain America: Steve Rogers [2016] Hail Hydra!

Following Avengers Standoff, Steve Rogers returns as Captain America thanks to Kobik who is a living Cosmic Cube. The first issue of Captain America revealed he is an Agent of Hydra. The second issue reveals how Steve Rogers turned into one. The story begins twenty years ago in Captain America #448 when writer Mark Waid wrote the series. Captain America was trapped inside of the Cosmic Cube and with the help of Bucky broke free to take down the Red Skull. While taking him down the Cosmic Cube shattered and was experimented by SHIELD. One of those fragments was Kobik who sought her original owner the Red Skull. Kobik reveals to the Red Skull she is loyal and can turn people to believe they are with Hydra. The Red Skull uses Kobik during Avengers Standoff to transform Captain America into an Agent of Hydra. 

Steve Rogers takes on Baron Zemo and throws Jack Flag out of the plane so he can steer it into a building with Dr. Erik Selvig and Zemo inside. However Selvig has survived the crash and is secretly working with Rogers to find Kobik and to kill the Red Skull for the sake of Hydra. However during Civil War II, Steve discovers his own death at the hands of the Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales. Steve decides his death will be for the glory of Hydra. 

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