Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Suicide Squad [2016] The Black Vault

Jim Lee’s Suicide Squad debuts the same month as the release of the film. Lee draws half of the main story while the other half focuses on one of the team’s characters. The first arc deals with a cosmic item falling into enemy hands and Task Force X is sent to retrieve it. The characters in the Suicide Squad film are the same characters used to assemble in the first arc. The Suicide Squad are dropped from space to Siberia to retrieve a cosmic item, which is heavily guarded and undersea. They enter the base and find Hack who teleports them into the Black Vault. They discover the item within has something to do with the Phantom Zone as General Zod emerges and Boomerang is killed. The Suicide Squad takes on General Zod as well as Annihilation Brigade. The Russians have their own Suicide Squad. 

The Suicide Squad send Zod back to the Phantom Zone and head back home to Belle Reve along with the Black Vault which is the portal to the Phantom Zone. 

The personal files in the back of the issues spotlights a member of the Suicide Squad. Deadshot was hired by Cobra to kill Bruce Wayne however instead of payment they kidnapped his daughter. Deadshot teams up with Batman and exchange for rescuing his daughter he will allow Batman to take him to prison. 

The second back-up story deals with Boomerang who was killed in the same issue. We discover he was part of the Australian Army and worked with their Secret Service as Captain Boomerang Agent of Oz. However it was all a lie from Amanda Waller's point of view. The third back-up story reveals the origin of Katana. 

The third back-up focuses on Rick Flag and Harley Quinn as they find Joker Toxin. It was a trap the Joker setup for Harley but she stays loyal to her team. 


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