Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Devil Comics Review | New Super-Man [2016] Made in China

After the awful Truth story arc, writer Gene Luen Yang works with his strengths by bringing a Chinese Super-Man in Kong Kenan. Following the death of the New 52 Superman, Kong Kenan is offered to become the new Super-Man by the Ministry of Self-Reliance. Kong is transformed into the Super-Man and breaks away from his containment while facing both the Chinese versions of Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman. Now Kong is apart of the Justice League of China. 

The Justice League of China go on their first mission to rescue a mother and her daughter being assaulted by the villain Sunbeam. Super-Man saves the mother and as reporters arrive, Kong reveals his identity to China. 

The kidnappers are taken to the Crab Shell which is a prison in China to hold their dangerous Metahumans. The Justice League of China discover the next victim who will be attacked and investigate on their own with the permission of Dr. Omen. They run into the Freedom Fighters of China who are attempting to kidnap their victim. 

The Freedom Fighters believe two of their members are held by the Ministry of Self-Reliance. Kenan later discovers the leader of the Freedom Fighters the Flying Dragon General is his own father. He also discovers his mother was the Liberty Goddess and discovers the Ministry of Self-Reliance is responsible for her death. The Human Firecracker is his uncle and they want Kenan to join the Freedom Fighters. 

The prisoners of the Crab Shell break out and plan to use a modified Starro to bring down the Ministry of Self-Reliance. The Human Firecracker uses Starro to control both Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman. The Freedom Fighters hijack a plane filled with Starros and use it as a missle. Super-Man and his father the Flying Dragon General team up to save China.

The hijacked airliner is headed towards the center of the Chinese national government with a plane full of modified Starros. The Great Ten plans on neutralizing the plane while the Super-man and the Flying Dragon General stop the Freedom Fighters. Superman frees the passengers from the Starros however the Great Ten arrive to destroy the plane. Both the Freedom Fighters and the Justice League of China team up to stop the Great Ten. The Human Firecracker kills Super-Man’s father the Flying Dragon General. Dr. Omen plans on bringing her husband back while revealing she is also Kenan Kong’s mother. 


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