Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Suicide Squad [2016 ] Black Vault Part 2

After the Suicide Squad brought back the Black Vault which is a Phantom Zone prison containing General Zod, Amanda Waller wants the Kryptonian subdued and the Phantom Zone controlled so Zod can join Task Force X. The new member they rescued from the Russian prison Hack can turn matter into digital information. The Black Vault is causing some kind of bloodlust throughout Belle Reve but Harley Quinn is sane again. Hack discover the virus infecting Belle Reve is Boomerang attempting to come back. A sane Harley Quinn saves Belle Reve and afterwards she becomes “normal” again while Captain Boomerang returns from the dead. The prelude to the Suicide Squad begins with Caitlin Snow joining the Suicide Squad before she eventually joins the Justice League of America. 


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