Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Wonder Woman [2016] The Lies

Following Rebirth, Wonder Woman searches for answers about her past by asking Barbara Ann AKA the Cheetah to find Themyscira, Paradise Island. Elsewhere Steve Trevor is on a mission dealing with a warlord who has taken women which leads him to Urzkartaga. The former Barbara Ann blames Wonder Woman for being changed into the Cheetah. Wonder Woman promises to kill the being Urzkartaga who did this to her in exchange to find Themyscira.  Writer Greg Rucka creates a well organized stories which bring Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor to cross paths. 

Cadulo plans to become the avatar for his god Urzkartaga while Steve Trevor becomes the vessel of his transformation as Wonder Woman arrives. Wonder Woman, Cheetah, and the other imprisoned women of Cadulo use the magic lasso to defeat Urzkartaga, which transforms Cheetah back to her human self Barbara Ann. 

Steve, Barbara Ann, and Wonder Woman return to the mainland to find Themyscira, which they find along with the Amazons and Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are back on Themyscira however they do not recognize anyone. They discover that Wonder Woman has never been home. Etta follows Sasha who is carrying the Urzkartasa’s curse to Doctor Veronica Cale.


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