Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Chew [2016] Sour Grapes

Mason Savoy killed himself so Tony and learn his secrets however Mason loaded up on beets before his death. Tony needs to eat more of Mason to get information. Paneer Sharma from NASA promised Toni to look after her brother Chow. Paneer discovers what Toni knew before her death. Six planets with sky writings blew up and now the same will happen to Earth if Tony doesn’t figure things out. Tony discovers the conspiracy around the Avian Flu and the people behind it. Savoy reveals to save the world from the sky writings to come, Tony needs to eat his wife Amelia. 

Tony and Amelia spend the last day on Earth investigating Rosemary's stolen vehicle. Tony knows the Earth will blow up if the chicken eaters do not die and to do that he needs to eat Amelia. However Amelia takes it upon herself to save the world by using her powers to kill the chicken eaters. 

Before Amelia's death she wrote a code for Tony to kill all the chicken eaters so the world would be saved. Tony saves the world however loses his partner John who ate chicken for breakfast. 

The finale finally reveals why everyone died who ate chicken. The aliens who arrive on Earth in the future are a chicken humanoid race. 


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