Friday, November 4, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Doctor Strange [2016] Benedict Cumberbatch

Prelude Wong and the Master of the Mystic Arts are attempting to track down a woman who possesses an ancient artifact. Wong failed and now Kaecilius makes an attempt and fails. Now all the Masters gather to defeat her and her ancient artifact is taken to the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York. Later the Ancient one takes on the Wielder of the Arrow to reclaim the Arrow of Apollon and its bow. 

After losing his surgical hands due to a car accident, former neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange searches the world for a cure until he is guided to the Ancient One who teaches him about other dimensions and the mystic arts. The villain Kaecillius takes ancient texts to bring Earth to the Dark Dimension so everyone will live for eternity. He destroyed the London Sanctorum and targets the New York one where he confronts Strange who inherits the Cloak of Levitation during their battle. During the battle with Kaecillius, the Ancient One falls after revealing she used the energy from the Dark Dimension to extend her life.

Kaecillius targets the Hong Kong Sanctorum and Strange uses the Infinity Stone from the Eye of Agamotto to control time. Doctor Strange enters the Dark Dimension to confront Dormammu and uses the Infinity Stone to create an endless loop to trap him. Strange offers a deal to remove Kaecillius and his followers from Earth. Mordo does not appreciate Strange using the Infinity Stone to save people by manipulating time and the Ancient One using the Dark Dimension to extend her life. He decides it is time to reduce the sorcerers on by taking away their powers. The sequel is set up at the end of the film where we see the origins of two powerful sorcerer supremes. 


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