Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Titans [2016] The Return of Wally West

Following the return of Wally West in the pages of DC Universe: Rebirth, the Flash and the Titans plan to put time back together again starting with Linda Park. Lilth Clay helps Wally regain his memories however awakens someone else – Abra Kadabra who was responsible for making him disappear. Now the Titans take on their twins who are controlled by Abra Kadabra. Afterward Kadabra kidnaps Linda Park and the Titans united to find her. They face up against their doppelgangers whose powers have doubled thanks to Kadabra. The Titans are defeated and Wally is left to choose who to save the Titans or Linda. 

Kadabra wants Wally to run fast so he loses himself into the time stream without Linda as his lightning rod, the Flash will be gone forever. Wally West saves all his friends including Linda however he is running so fast that he is lost into the Speed Force. However Wally returns from the Speed Force and takes out Abra Kadabra. 

Omen got into Abra Kadabra's head and found the name Manhattan referring to Doctor Manhattan of the Watchmen. Meanwhile Deathstroke watches from the distance question who is this new Flash. 


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