Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Devil Comics Review | All-Star Batman [2016] My Own Worst Enemy

After being the lead writer on Batman since the New 52, writer Scott Snyder returns with former Superman artist John Romita Jr. with a tale between Batman and Two-Face as they are hunted by assassins, bounty hunters, and citizens. 

Harvey Dent asks Bruce Wayne for help to take him to a house to burn out Two-Face who is growing powerful everyday within information he has on the criminals of GothamHowever Two-Face makes an offer to Gotham that if Batman and he get to their destination then all the secrets will be released onto the dark net. He offers a reward to set him free. While traveling on the Bat plane, Alfred is forced to shoot it down and now Batman takes Two-Face to his destination by truck. As Batman escapes various villains, the Penguin, Black Mask, and the Great White hire an assassin the KGBeast to kill Batman. 

Duke Thomas arrives to save Batman and Two-Face from the KGBeast and takes them to Harold Allnut who invented Batman's equipment for years including the Knightfall period. Bruce tells Duke the history between Harvey and himself. They were both trouble teens and sent to an update Arkham house of trouble children. Now they are headed towards the house for the cure however they get ambushed and Two-Face pours acid on Batman's face. 

Batman and Duke free themselves and take Harvey to their destination in Reno where Two-Face is killing Harvey's father alive. All three are captured by the KGBeast, Penguin, Black Mask, and the Great White and they want to the codes to the secret Harvey has on them. Batman, Duke, and Harvey escape however are faced with a mob of people wanting the fortune Two-Face promised them. A cure for Two-Face is offered and Batman gives it to him. The five issue series costing $25 bucks is not a worthwhile as we get a predictable ending with no consequences.


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