Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Wonder Woman [2016] Year One

Writer Greg Rucka begins Year One of Wonder Woman running opposite Lies story arc. Steve Trevor lands on Paradise Island before Diana becomes Wonder Woman. The Amazons determine a champion must be chosen to return Steve back to Man's World. The games are held to chose the champion and a gun is used as a final test. Diana wins the games and takes Steve back on her invisible plane. Diana returns Steve to the mainland however she is imprisoned and questioned about her origins. The military brings in Doctor Barbara Ann Minerva AKA Cheetah to help them understand Diana.

The origin of Minerva begins with her search on finding the Amazons however could not find Themyscira nor the Amazons until Wonder Woman arrives. Wonder Woman is taken to a mall to acclimate her to the culture. However gunmen from the Sear Group arrives to cause havoc and Wonder Woman makes herself public. She is asked to interrogate the captured Sear Group and discover the Maru Virus which gives the terrorist killing instincts. Barbara Ann reveals that the Sear Group is the Ares Group as the God of War arrives who wants to know where Themyscira is located. 

Ares discovers Wonder Woman does not have that knowledge because she sacrificed it to return Steve Trevor. She defeats Ares and stops the Sear Group from unleashing their Maru Virus. 


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