Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Devil Comics Review | The Walking Dead [2016] The Whisperer War

The last story arc saw Rick Grimes preparing Alexandria, Kingdom, Hilltop, and Saviors against the Whispers. Negan escapes his jail and joins the Whispers and learns everything they can from them before beheading their leader Alpha. Now the Whisper War begins as Negan returns to Rick with Alpha's head and Alexandria prepares for the onslaught. The Whispers begin their attack as the frontlines are defended by Dwight and Negan. Dwight uses the same tactics as the Whispers to survive and the Saviors refuse to join Rick in a call to arms. The Hilltop is under attack by the Whispers but the residents defended their turf while the Saviors are plotting against Rick Grimes. The arc ends with the residents of Alexandria losing the Whisper War as thousands of walkers march towards them.


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