Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Amazing Spider-Man [2016] Worldwide 4: Clone Conspiracy

Before Dead No More begins as Jay Jameson lies dying however a cure to replicate organs exists from New U Technologies. An accident at a Parker Industries chemical plant in Oklahoma forces New U Technologies to demostrate their cure. New U Technologies is secretly headed by the Jackal who was responsible for the Clone Saga. The ending of the first issue sees New U Technologies bring back James Jonah Jameson's wife Marla back from the dead. 

Francine Frye was accidentlly killed by her boyfriend Electro however she comes back thanks to the Jackal. Peter asks Prowler to investigate New U Technologies and discovers the Jackal behind it all. Francine inherits the powers of Electro and kills the Prowler. The Jackal bring him back and the Prowler is now working with the Jackal. 

Doctor Octopus has inhibited the Living Brain robot until he can find a way to restore his body. He discovers what happened to the Superior Spider-Man and how Peter got his body back. Doctor Octopus self-destructs the Living Brain and searches for New U Technologies to get a clone body.

During Spider-Verse Kaine took on the Inheritors, paid for it with his life, and was subsequently reborn. Karn the Master Weaver reveals the Carrions which are decaying clones of Miles Warren are responsible for the deaths on various worlds. The common thread is Parker Industries and the cycle is beginning again on Kaine's world. Spider-Gwen teams up with Kaine to stop the Carrion virus infecting his world. 

Miles Warren brought back Ben Reilly after he dissolved and he did it twenty-seven times. Ben finally breaks free and clones Miles Warren and fixes the problem with the clones with the pill. Now Ben wants to bring Uncle Ben back with Peter’s cooperation. The real Miles Warren emerges during the chaos to become the Jackal once again. Doctor Octopus takes the proto-clone which will not be affected by the Carrion Virus. Now Ben Reilly heads home to confront the Jackal who he defeats and leaves him in a burning home. The Clone Conspiracy was a set-up for the upcoming Scarlet Spider ongoing series. 


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