Thursday, February 23, 2017

Weekly Roundup | DC and Marvel Comics May 2017 Solicitations

Both DC and Marvel May 2017 Solicitations were released this week. Last May 2016 DC Comics released DC Universe: Rebirth #1, which was closure for the New 52 as well as the merging of the DC and Watchmen universes. This year they are kicking off events every month beginning in January with the conclusion of the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. Then in February we saw the launches for the new Justice League of America and the return of the Wildstorm Universe. In March we will have Superman Reborn, April was The Button (The crossover between Batman and Flash titles), and now in May we have the Lazarus Contract which runs between Titans, Teen Titans, and DeathstrokeIn June most of the Rebirth titles will hit their milestone 25th issues in Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lanterns, Superman, and Wonder WomanOver at Marvel Comics they begin their summer event Secret Empire as Spider-Man: Homecoming hits the theaters. Most of the titles are Secret Empire tie-ins so readers can pick and choose which titles they want to read. 

As far as publishers are concerned, DC Comics have an overarching story where each of the stories builds upon DC Universe: Rebirth. Superman Reborn and The Button are prime examples of DC building a universe while Marvel has an event with Secret Empire. Regardless whatever happens Marvel will return to its original status quo while DC layers legacy within its titles. 

Retailers should limit their orders based on pre-order sales. A conservative approach is the best in the collector’s market to limit inventory which will later drive up demand. Readers should pick comics based on writers and artists they enjoy. If they enjoy the comics then somewhere down the line someone else would enjoy the stories as well. Key to collecting would be to focus on variant covers if possible to enhance collectability.