Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Generation Zero [2016] We Are the Future

Writer Fred Van Lente (Ivar Timewalker) brings another series to the Valiant Universe focusing on the characters within the Harbinger Wars. Psiots are people born with abilities similar to Marvel’s Mutants and DC Comics’ Metahumans. The series focuses on Generation Zero who is the A-Team in the Valiant Universe. Keisha Sherman's suspects her boyfriend Stephen was murdered. Before he died he sent a CD detailing that everyone's parents are involved and not to trust anyone. Keisha contacts Generation Zero who arrive to help her.

Generation Zero comes to save Keisha Thomas from the Cornermen. The Zeroes investigate what is going on and kidnap Adele Poole for interrogation. They enter her mind only to find military safeguards and are confronted by the Cornermen. They escape as Keisha’s father who is the Sheriff of Rook are about to raid the Zeros hideout while Keisha’s brother gets kidnapped by the Cornermen. 


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