Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Revolution [2016]

The Transformers came to Earth seeking Ore-13 which is refined into Energon. During All Hail Megatron, the Decepticons ruled the world until Optimus came back and left again. Then the world was distracted with Cobra until Optimus Prime returned in All Hail Optimus. However admitting Earth into the Council of Worlds made Earth a target for other aliens including Rom and the Micronauts. G.I. Joe discovers the Ore-13 is becoming unstable which could turn the world into a nuclear inferno. They turned to Director Miles Manheim (Mayhem) to disrupt Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime draws the same conclusion with the Ore-13 however G.I. Joe launches a strike against the Transformers. 

After the explosion of Mount Olympus due to Ore-13, everyone is on high alert from Action Man, G.I. Joe, and the Transformers. Arcee and Jazz are attacked by G.I Joe until Optimus Prime arrives to stop the fight however it escalates. Rom arrives and kills Joe Colton and the Transformers are blamed as war is declared by G.I. Joe. 


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