Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Devil Comics Review | The Mighty Thor [2016] Lords of Midgard

Malekith controls Alfheim as well as its resources after marrying the Queen of the Light Elves through spells of the Enchantress. Loki stabbed the All-Mother as Odinson is captured in a vessel with Asgard with the Ultimate Thor’s Hammer near him. Dario Agger the CEO of Roxxon needs allies against his allies Malekith so Loki offers to help by telling the story of a Viking named Bodolf the Black. Bodolf prayed to the God of Thunder Thor until the day he didn't and Thor switched sides. Loki comes to Bodolf and asks him to slay a dragon and drink his blood which turns him into a Hulk. In the present Loki directs Roxxon to a cave to slay a dragon and drinks its blood creating an army of Hulks for Roxxon. 

Jane Foster gets interviewed by SHIELD in regards to Thor's identity while a secret corporate summit removes Dario Agger as CEO of Roxxon. The Silver Samurai destroys Roxxon's ice base and takes on Thor and SHIELD Agent Roz Solomon who discovers the Agger Imperative which is to weaponize Roxxon Island in the event of a hostile takeover aimed at Manhattan. Now Thor has to rescue Agger before Manhattan is destroyed but SHIELD deduced her identity as Jane Foster. During the battle to rescue Agger, Thor is poisoned by a bullet as she is surrounded by SHIELD agents. The Rainbow Bridge opens and Dr. Jane Foster offers her help Thor. The Roxxon Island is turned into gold and Thor throws it into the sun. Later Thor reveals her identity to Roz Solomon and the second Jane Foster is revealed to be Mjolnir. 


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