Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Superman [2016] The Son of Superman

The first arc sees Superman and his son deal with the Eradicator by the same creative team that brought Batman and Robin. Jonathan the son of Clark Kent uses his powers incorrectly killing his cat Goldie as a girl named Kathy Branden watches him. The issue ends rather abruptly with the arrival of Wonder Woman and Batman. The first issue is a slow burn as it establishes the Post-Crisis Superman as the replacement for the New 52 one.

Superman helps a submarine stuck in the ice when he is attacked by a giant alien octopus creature as his son Jonathan watches.  He asks his son to use his heat vision to disable the creature. After the attack the Eradicator becomes activate and goes to the Fortress of Solitude to be reborn. Jonathan falls from a tree and hurts himself and Clark decides to go to the Fortress to find out why Jonathan is vulnerable to falls.

Lois and Clark take Jonathan to the Fortress of Solitude and they discover the Eradicator who helps with Jonathan. The Eradicator was designed to preserve Kryptonians and decides the human side of Jonathan needs to be eradicated. Krypto disappears saving him while Superman beats the Eradicator. After suffering the loss of his dog Jonathan decides to join the fight with his father. Both Superman and Jonathan fight the Eradicator to a stand-still until Superman decides to take his family to the moon to keep them safe. 

Superman takes his family to the Batcave on the moon but the Eradicator arrives and absorbs Clark into himself. The Eradicator targets Jonathan and Lois Lane puts on the Bat-suit to defend her son. Superman unites with the other Kryptonian life forces within the Eradicator to bring him back to stop him. He also brings Krypto back, stops the Eradicator cold on the moon, is awarded the key to Metropolis and introduces his son Jonathan as the new Superboy to the Justice League. 


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