Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Supergirl: Rebirth #1 [2016]

Following the success of the Supergirl television series, Rebirth brings a sense of familiarity to the series by involving the DEO. The issue begins back on Argo City, Krypton where Zor-El sentenced Lar-On to the Phantom Zone due to his exposure to Red Kryptonite. On Earth Director of the DEO Cameron Chase sends Supergirl towards the sun to restore her powers. We discover the Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix Clark was searching for in Superman Rebirth to bring back the New 52 Superman is onboard Supergirl's ship to regenerate her powers. 

A phantom radiation spike at the launch site opens up the Phantom Zone and brings Lar-On to Earth turning him to a werewolf. Supergirl rushes back to Earth and deals with Lar-On. She promises him the DEO will help him with his Red Kryptonite poisoning. Chase asks Kara to help her monitor alien activity on Earth while overseeing Kara's activity as Supergirl. The Danvers are her handlers pretending to be her "parents." The new comic series lines up with the television series bring new life to the Supergirl franchise. 


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