Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Rai [2016] 4001 AD

In the year 3001, New Japan is plagued with over-population, disease, and famine. Father creates Rai to inspire New Japan. The first Rai was killed off by citizens of New Japan that did not want the technological advances from the Father. The story arc will focus on the origins of the Father, New Japan, and Rai. Another Rai named Sai who is female for another generation prevents mass suicide and Father replaces her as the Positron rises up against New Japan. Father sends his new Rai Aboto to execute everyone and removes the sector from New Japan as both the new Rai and Sai watches. 

Aboto is sent to Earth to destroy New Japan’s enemies before returning to New Japan and killing Sai. She convinces him he is more than what Father wants him to be so they stay together until Father finds them. Father sends Sai to Earth while Aboto attacks Father before being defeated. Sai is pregnant with Aboto’s child while Father finds a new Mother for the next Rai. The current Rai confronts and defeats Aboto while his mother dies prematurely after being kidnapped from Father. The arc ends as the Rai series begins. 


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