Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Archie: Volume 2 [2016] Mark Waid

Hiram Lodge hires Reggie Mantle as a consultant. Archie finds out that it was Reggie who told Lodge about the destruction of the house. Archie discovers Reggie has a secret that could damage his relationship with Lodge however he doesn’t steal the information. But Pops uses it to have Reggie break his relationship with Lodge. 

Lodge is running for Riverdale Mayor while Fred Andrews takes a job in Singapore thanks to Lodge. Archie confronts Lodge of what he did to his father who overhears his conversation and quits his job at Singapore. Lodge finally allows Veronica to see Archie however he does not want to see Archie so Veronica visits him at his home and brings her own simple comforts over.

Teacher Mr. Greg Collier is Betty’s uncle who is also running for mayor of Riverdale. After Veronica films him talking down to her boyfriend Archie, Lodge’s campaign manager takes her video and makes it into a campaign ad. Now Collier leaves town while Betty is upset at Archie for letting it happen. 

Veronica and Betty compete in the school talent competition in separate bands. After the competition both Archie and Betty reconcile as friends while making Veronica and Betty’s boyfriend Sayid jealous. Lodge loses the mayoral race to Luis Lopez so he leaves Riverdale with his family including Veronica.


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