Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Arrow Season 5 [2017] Prometheus

Following the death of Black Canary, Oliver builds a new team out of existing vigilantes which includes Ragman, Mr. Terrific, and Wild Dog. Oliver breaks into prison to break out John Diggle who has been framed for a crime he did not commit. Oliver breaks John out of prison while one of his Arrow team is captured by gangster Tobias Church who discovers Green Arrow's identity. 

Oliver Queen is shot by an assassin hired by Church. However Diggle hired Christopher Chance who is the Human Target to take Oliver's place. Church is captured and Prometheus kills him after revealing his identity of the Green Arrow. 

Team Arrow takes on the Vigilante who is District Attorney Adrian Chase. Prometheus attacks Mr. Terrific which sends the Arrow team hunting for him. Oliver uses the drug Prometheus used to attack Mr. Terrific which leads him to a man who Oliver killed years ago. They also discover a traitor within the team working with Prometheus. Oliver confronts Prometheus however it was a trap for him to kill Felicity's boyfriend dressed as Prometheus. As Oliver witness everyone around him and his friends turns to ash Dinah Laurel Lance returns from the dead. The resurrected Laurel Lance is revealed to be Black Siren from Earth 2 who is working with Prometheus. Black Siren lures the Arrow Team into a trap with Prometheus. The Arrow Team stops Black Siren however the new Black Siren of Earth 1 shows up.

Oliver Queen recruits the new Black Canary while Felicity manages to find the NSA files to get John Diggle released from prison. The Arrow Team travels to Russia while Susan who has been dating Oliver discovers he is the Green Arrow. China White, Cupid, and Liza Warner escape Iron Heights and set out for Star City. Green Arrow is wanted for the murder of Detective Malone manipulated by the Prometheus. Team Arrow stops China White, Cupid, and Liza Warner, while Oliver is about to be impreached for covering up Detective Malone’s murder. Oliver is targeted by the Vigilante which brings the attention of the Prometheus who is revealed to be DA Adrian Chase. The Arrow Team takes on the Vigilante who was planning on assassinating Mayor Oliver Queen. 

Oliver seeks Talia Al Ghul to find out who is Prometheus. He discovers she trained him because Oliver killed his father as well as Talia's. Oliver discovers Prometheus is Adrian Chase who has been holding Oliver's girlfriend hostage. The Arrow Team saves her however Oliver is captured by both Adrian and Talia. Oliver is tortured by Adrian and he admits he loves the killing which leads him to quit being the Green Arrow. 

Oliver hires the Russians to kill Adrian Chase however decides to stop the Russians instead while Felicity exposes Prometheus. Now Chase goes after Olivers's son William and the rest of the Arrow Team with the help of Black Siren and Talia Al Ghul. Oliver assembles his own team consisting of Nyssa Al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn, Captain Boomerang and Deathstroke. Malcolm Merlyn sacrifices himself for his daughter Thea, stops Prometheus, and saves his son William.


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